An Expert Dialogue on Intralogistics, Robotics, and Collaboration

Stuttgart, 19.03.2024 - As part of LogiMAT 2024, Ralf Bär, CEO of BÄR Automation and Michael Schneider, CEO of idealworks, held a panel discussion at the idealworks booth.

In the video recording of the interview, Mr. Bär explains the growing significance of human-robot collaboration, highlights the potential of AI for data analyses, and refers to the importance of customer-specific solutions. When asked about potential challenges, he explores relevant issues related to newly introduced software developments and bureaucracy.  

Michael Schneider takes a closer look at the software side of automation and emphasizes the holistic approach of idealworks. In this context, he refers to their software platform Anyfleet that functions with interoperability, enabling the integration of robots from third-party vendors. He additionally highlights the advantages of their simulation solution, comparing it to a training camp for robots. 

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