Multisensory haptics: Agile Hand

The anthropomorphic Agile Hand is composed of five identical, modularly designed robotic fingers. Thanks to its humanoid dexterity, it can perform delicate tasks and offers a hand where us humans can’t.

The multisensory robotic hand Agile Hand offers human-like kinematics.

The anthropomorphic robotic hand

Modular finger design

The identical and modular design integrates actuators, electronics, multisensory and mechanical transmission systems in each finger. This simplifies manufacturing and maintenance while allowing for easy reconfiguration.

Multisensory system

Joint torque and position sensors are integrated in every actuated joint. Reliable real-time feedback is provided via a compact communication system inside the fingers and palm.

Active compliant control

To permit a close human-robot collaboration, Agile Hand's mechatronic system and active compliant control strategy, based on multi-sensory feedback on joint torque and position, were designed to be particularly human-friendly. 

Experience human-like dexterity

High flexibility

With 20 joints and 15 or 16 degrees of freedom, the 1.5 kg Agile Hand performs human-like movements effortlessly.

Quick movements

360°/s joint velocity allow Agile Hand to quickly adapt to different tasks.

Sturdy grip

10 N active fingertip force equip Agile Hand with a firm but delicate grip. 

Real-time communication

Proprietary communication protocol connecting finger, hand and external computer at 1 kHz control rate.


The API can be utilized with C++ and Python, including compatibility with ROS (Robot Operating System).

Seamless connectivity

Fast changer adapter for the robot flange according to ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6.

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