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AgileCore is our powerful software platform that enables system integrators and operators to develop and deploy next-generation automation solutions.

Developed for automating manufacturing processes

Hardware Abstraction

Control and program multiple devices from different vendors, including robots, cameras, grippers, AMRs and PLCs, through a single platform. No need for users to learn different programming languages or interfaces for each device. 

No-code programming

Create workflows by simply selecting a skill from a rich skill library to control robot motions, integrate computer vision, or navigate an AMR. No previous coding experience necessary. 

Improved by AI

Level up your solution by AI-powered skills to automate complex tasks and increase efficiency. No specialized knowledge or training needed.

Process monitoring

Track the progress of tasks using dashboards in real-time, identify and troubleshoot errors, and optimize performance. Make informed decisions based on KPIs (e.g. OEE, cycle time, UPH, quality ratio) and improve process efficiency.

Software Development Kit

Create and add your own custom skills to the platform. Flexibly extend your solutions’ capabilities to meet specific automation needs, and unlock countless possibilities for your automation. 

Easy to scale

Simply add new devices or entire work cells to your existing solution without disrupting your operations. Expand your automation solutions to meet changing needs. 

As a key feature, AgileCore is able to integrate devices and systems of other automation technology.
For this purpose, it abstracts hardware functions and offers them as "skills“ for programming. These predefined software modules implement individual functions within a robot-based system, including modules for moving robots, recording and evaluating camera data, or exchanging data with external applications. Based on an extensive library of skills, AgileCore enables a step-by-step creation of the overall system flow for complex applications.

AgileCore in the field

Mobile machine tending, simplified

Developing mobile machine tending applications involves the integration of different hardware and software components, including robots, grippers, cameras, and AMRs.
AgileCore simplifies this process by providing all necessary software modules in a unified interface, enabling communication and interaction between devices. With its web-based user interface, skill library, and hardware abstraction, AgileCore streamlines programming of the overall application workflow and allows for quick hardware replacement with minimal program changes required.

Intelligent electronics manufacturing

Manufacturing electronic devices include highly complex design and production processes. Assembling the various small parts requires advanced machinery as well as software components for quality control to ensure reliability and safety of the products.
AgileCore offers a unified interface to integrate and control complex systems, ensuring easy reconfiguration and advanced visual inspection. The AI-powered skills enhance visual inspection capabilities, allowing for efficient detection and discarding of faulty products. Overall, AgileCore streamlines the electronic manufacturing process and enables efficient, high-quality production. 

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