The robot Yu 5 Industrial tends a machine

Machine tending

A long reach, sensitive movements and an intelligent camera allow our robots to precisely load and unload production machines, allowing non-stop manufacturing.

Fast, tactile and reliable

Machine tending describes the process of loading and unloading machines. Since machines require a continuous supply of materials, it is vital to the production process. 

Machine tending can be physically demanding and highly repetitive, leading to operator fatigue and potential ergonomic issues. This can result in mistakes and injury-related absences.

Our robotic solutions deliver reliable, high-quality results that increase productivity and reduce the strain on the workforce.

Icon High Sensitivity

High sensitivity

Advanced sensor technology in every axis and high-precision motion control allow our robots to pick and place even delicate objects in the desired workspace.

Icon flexible reach

Flexible reach

With an effective working space radius of 1000 mm, our robots are equipped with a significant range. This enables our solutions to access objects nearby and at a distance.

icon smart vision

Smart vision

Thanks to an intelligent camera, our robots can independently identify, select and precisely place different objects without the need for predefined patterns or fixtures.

Icon rapid deployment

Rapid deployment

The intuitive interface caters to beginners and experienced users alike, enabling a rapid deployment and a fast integration.

Equipping a laser engraver

Thanks to its long reach and precision, the Yu 5 Industrial is the ideal tool for machine tending. Utilizing its smart built-in camera, the robot autonomously handles the task of picking up a USB stick and placing it into an uversa laser engraver.

The robot Yu 5 Industrial grabs a USB-stick to tend a machine

Benefits of robotic automation

Workforce relief

Machine tending tasks are often repetitive and monotonous, placing a strain on the workforce. Automating these processes allows workers to focus on more creative and value-adding tasks.

Increased productivity

The automation of machine tending tasks enables continuous production and results in a significant increase in productivity.

Improved quality

Since our robots do not experience fatigue, they perform their tasks precisely and consistently. This reduces the potential for errors and improves product quality.

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