Robot performs material handling task

Application areas

As true all-rounders, our robots are built to be versatile and adaptable. This makes them ideal for various industrial applications, requiring different strengths and skills. 

The right solution for your application

Our robots are designed to optimize the manufacturing process. Thanks to their remarkable sensitivity, user-friendly operation, seamless integration, and stringent safety standards, our automation solutions significantly enhance process efficiency and productivity.

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Robotic arm Yu 5 Industrial in machine tending application

Benefits of robotic automation

Workforce relief

Many industrial tasks are challenging, repetitive and sometimes even hazardous. While they put a strain on the workforce, they also complicate the recruitment of skilled workers. Our robots take care of these unpleasant tasks, allowing workers to concentrate on more diverse and value-adding projects.

Increased productivity

By minimizing errors, speeding up processes, and allowing for continuous 24/7 operation, our robots substantially increase productivity and often amortize in just a few months. 

Improved quality

Consistent, precise and scalable: Our robotic solutions deliver uniform results, reduce waste and minimize the chance for variability and error, significantly improving product quality.

Complex challenges excite us

Our experts will be happy to advise you on the selection of a suitable automation solution for your application.

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