Screwing, bolting, sticking or other fastening methods: Thanks to the combination of strength and tactility, our robots effortlessly assemble small and large components alike.

Combining strength and sensitivity

Assembly describes the process of combining components or parts to create a finished product or subassembly, utilizing methods such as fastening, screwing, bonding, or other techniques.

Industrial assembly tasks are physically demanding. Repetitive movements, awkward postures and excessive force put a strain on the workforce. Due to the unpleasant working conditions, it is therefore becoming increasingly difficult to find skilled workers. 

By combining strength and sensitivity, our robots achieve a remarkable level of precision and apply the exact force required for accurate component assembly.

Considerable strength

With a powerful pushing force, our robots possess the strength to securely join different components together and perform physically demanding fastening tasks.

High precision

Advanced sensor technology in every axis and high-precision motion control ensure a high level of precision and accuracy to guarantee correct component assembly.

Flexible reach

With up to 7 axes, our robots are particularly flexible, allowing them to excel in small spaces and operate within a working radius of up to 1000 mm.

Rapid deployment

The intuitive interface caters to beginners and experienced users alike. This enables a rapid deployment and a fast integration of our robotics solutions.

Assembly tasks in the Micro Factory

The fully automated Micro Factory, which Agile Robots presented at automatica 2023 in Munich, demonstrated the production process of miniature robots on site. Several robots worked together to assemble, package and transport the giveaways before an AMR distributed them to the visitors.

Benefits of robotic automation

Workforce relief

Assembly tasks often require repetitive movements, awkward postures and excessive force, which can strain the workforce. By automating assembly tasks, workers are relieved and can concentrate on more diverse assignments instead.

Increased productivity

The automation of assembly tasks enables continuous production and significantly increases productivity.

Improved quality

Our robotic solutions excel in executing repetitive motions with persistent precision, ensuring reliable consistency and significantly elevating product quality in the process.

Complex challenges excite us

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