Highly dexterous: Diana 7

Fulfill your automation needs intuitively. The force-controlled robot arm is equipped with torque sensors in all seven axes and is supported by our AI-driven software.  

Skilled for complex tasks


With torque sensors in all seven axis, Diana 7 is one of the most dexterous and sensitive robotic arms on the market.


The industrial lightweight robot covers a wide range of tasks and is already in use in the automotive and consumer electronics (3C) sector.

Easy to use

Backed by our smart software AgileCore, Diana 7 can be easily set up, integrated, programmed, maintained, and repaired.


Anthropomorphic kinematics and a user-friendly design allows for seamless handling, especially while teaching new tasks and positions.

Built to move, sense, perform

The robot Diana 7 is highly flexible and dexterous.
Powerful precision

A pose repeatability of ± 0.05 mm ensures highest path accuracy. 

Accurate motions

With 7 degrees of freedom, Diana 7 finds a multitude of solutions in trajectory generation to fulfil diverse tasks. 

Functional aesthetics

The human-centered design safeguards from clamping and allows for ease of use in teaching mode. 

Robot teaching

Torque-sensing technology empowers effortless robot handling.

Strong performance

With 7 kg payload, Diana 7 carries out multiple tasks in complex workflows.

Precise control

A force control accuracy of 0.5 N enables a highly sensitive assembly process. 

The robot Diana 7 offers an intuitive operation.

Diana 7 in the field

In the Asian market, the Diana series is already successfully deployed in the automotive and consumer electronics sector. In these industries, the ramp-up phase must be completed within a short period and production must be at full capacity and quality to realize precise manipulation tasks. Our clients value Diana’s precise freedom of movement and the force sensing technology, which enables new automation solutions. 

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