Intuitive to use: Yu 5 Industrial

The all-round power tool sets new standards in collaborative robotics. Set up quickly, its intuitive software provides solutions in no time and in diverse industrial settings.

Designed to perform


Integrated torque sensors in every axis ensure precise force-sensing and control for sensitive tactile manipulation.

High precision

High quality components make Yu 5 Industrial the perfect power tool for precise, industrial-grade applications. 


The intuitive interface ensures high accessibility and a time- and cost-efficient integration, ideal for small batch sizes or highly flexible applications.


Yu 5 Industrial meets the highest safety standards and provides cutting-edge safety functions to cooperate seamlessly with humans.  

The industrial-grade cobot

The collaborative robot Yu 5 Industrial
Intelligent vision

For precise control during operation, AI provides a detailed visual understanding of the environment. An integrated camera and neural processing unit (NPU) enable object recognition, quality inspection and robust manipulation.  

Teaching by demonstration

Easily teach new skills - no expert knowledge needed. Improved software usability and hardware accessibility reduce deployment time. For universal tasks, software templates can be assigned by drag and drop. By manually guiding the arm, actions are parametrized quickly.

Smart localization

AgileTags serve as guides for programmed applications and contain valuable information about objects or tasks. Placed in the vicinity of the robot, they enable it to adjust to changing work environments.  

Precise force sensing & control

Advanced sensor technology ensures safe collaboration with humans and skillful handling of objects. A force control accuracy of 0.5 N enables precise force sensing and control. 

Seamless integration

Plug and play connectivity facilitates the seamless integration of peripherals into any workflow. This makes Yu 5 Industrial compatible with a plethora of devices.  

Functional safety

Yu 5 Industrial complies with the highest standards for human-robot collaboration as specified in ISO 10218-1 and ISO 13849. Force monitoring enables collaborative applications according to ISO/TS 15066. 

Compact yet powerful

6 axes, 5 kg payload and a workspace radius of 1000 mm (7 kg payload with 850 mm) provide a high level of agility for a wide range of applications in automotive, 3C manufacturing and more.  

Graphical User Interface

An employee works on the head of the robot Yu 5 Industrial.

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