Quality inspection

Thanks to the high repeatability, the state-of-the-art sensitivity and the intelligent vision of our robotic systems, our efficient solutions consistently provide meticulous results. 

Built to be consistent and precise

Quality inspection ensures that the product meets the requirements specified by the manufacturer. It involves various measurements and tests conducted on different product features, aiming to detect defects or irregularities early on.

Due to the repetitive nature of these tasks, quality inspection is particularly prone to errors. Manual checks are also very time-consuming.

Our robotic solutions provide consistent, high-quality results that optimize quality inspection and reduce employee workload.

High repeatability

Thanks to our robots’ high repeatability of ± 0.05mm, they can perform the same inspection task repeatedly without variation.

Controlled force

Cutting-edge sensor technology and precise force control allow our robots to apply controlled pressure during the inspection process.

Smart vision

Thanks to the support of an intelligent camera, our robots possess the ability to examine products for defects and variations.

Rapid deployment

The intuitive interface caters to beginners and experienced users alike, enabling a rapid deployment and a fast integration.

Meticulous measurements

Equipped with an XM-5000 system from KEYENCE, our Yu 5 Industrial robot guarantees a fast and consistently high-precision quality control.

Benefits of robotic automation

Workforce relief

Quality inspection involves physical strain and repetitive tasks, leading to operator fatigue, potential ergonomic problems, and increased chances of errors or injuries. By automating the process, workers experience relief and can be assigned to more creative and value-adding tasks. 

Increased productivity

An automated quality inspection favors around-the-clock production: Through continuous operation, our robots lead to improved production rates and overall productivity. The precise inspection also reduces industrial waste, which allows for a more efficient use of resources.

Improved quality

Our robots can perform the same task repeatedly without tiring. Their precise and consistent movements ensure high-quality results and significantly reduce the error rate. 

Complex challenges excite us

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