The Yu 5 Industrial robot performs dispensing tasks with precision.


Dispensing requires a high degree of sensitivity and repeatability. Thanks to their state-of-the-art mechanics, our robots can consistently distribute the desired amount of material at the intended positions.

Consistently the right quantity

Industrial dispensing is important wherever the precise application of adhesives, sealants or varnishes is required. Common applications include assembly and sealing processes.

Manual dispensing poses various problems: The application of certain dispensing materials carries the potential for health risks to workers due to their hazardous nature. An addition, it is almost impossible to constantly perform the same movements and apply the same pressure manually. That leads to irregularities and industrial waste.

When equipped with a dispensing device, our robots can consistently distribute the desired quantity to the designated location thanks to their high repeatability.

Icon high precision

High precision

Cutting-edge speed control equips our robots with a precision that is unattainable for the human hand. With no fluctuations or trembling, they facilitate accurate dispensing.

Icon flexible reach

Flexible reach

With an effective working space radius of up to 1000 mm, our robots are equipped with a significant range. This enables our solutions to precisely dispense materials at close range and at more distant points.

Icon high repeatability

High repeatability

Thanks to a reliable repeatability of ± 0.05 mm, our robots consistently maintain the same level of performance over time, reducing variability in dispensing tasks while optimizing the overall use of resources. 

Icon rapid deployment

Rapid deployment

The intuitive interface caters to beginners and experienced users alike. This enables a rapid deployment and a fast integration of our robotics solutions.

Precise panel bonding

Equipped with a lightweight NAGEL dispensing system, the Yu 5 Industrial applies a consistent amount of glue onto a panel. This way the optimum amount of adhesive is applied and industrial waste is avoided.

Equipped with a dispensing tool, the robot Yu 5 Industrial accurately dispenses the right amount

Benefits of robotic automation

Workforce relief

Fumes, liquids or powders pose potential health risks to workers because of their hazardous nature. This puts the workforce at risk. By automating dispensing, workers can focus on safer and more value-adding tasks.

Increased productivity

Automated dispensing favors an optimized use of materials. Our robots ensure consistent quantities, reduce industrial waste and enable continuous production. This increases the productivity and efficiency of the production process. 

Improved quality

Thanks to their high repeatability, our robots avoid irregularities and ensure consistent, precise dispensing, resulting in a high-quality standard.

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