The robot Diana 7 grabs a box in a material handling task

Material handling

Thanks to their long reach, high flexibility and efficient payload, our robots are excellently suited for a wide variety of material handling tasks. 

From picking to packaging

Material handling describes the movement of materials or goods within a company. This includes tasks like picking, palletizing, and packaging.

As material handling involves many monotonous and strenuous tasks, it places a strain on the workforce. This makes it increasingly difficult to find workers for vacant positions.

Our robots are not only equipped with the necessary sensitivity to pick and pack delicate parts, but also have sufficient strength to transport heavier objects. This relieves the strain on employees and optimizes the material flow.

Icon high sensitivity

High sensitivity

Thanks to advanced torque sensors in each axis, our robots demonstrate exceptional sensitivity and precision in handling delicate components, ensuring proper alignment and organization within the packaging.

Icon considerable strength

Considerable strength

Thanks to an efficient payload of up to 7 kg, our robots are able to pick and place objects of different sizes and weights. 

icon smart vision

Smart vision

With the help of an intelligent camera, our robots can independently identify, select and accurately place various objects without the need for predefined patterns.

icon rapid deployment

Rapid deployment

The intuitive interface caters to beginners and experienced users alike. This enables a rapid deployment and a fast integration of our robotics solutions.

Material handling in the Micro Factory

The fully automated Micro Factory, which Agile Robots presented at automatica 2023 in Munich, demonstrated the production process of miniature robots on site. Several robots worked together to assemble, package and transport the giveaways before an AMR distributed them to the visitors.

The robot Diana 7 places a miniature robot precisely in the box.

Benefits of robotic automation

Workforce relief

Material handling tasks are often very strenuous and repetitive, placing a strain on the workforce. Automating these processes provides relief for employees, enabling them to concentrate on more creative and value-added tasks.

Increased productivity

The automation of material handling applications enables continuous production. As it delivers faster results, it shortens cycle times and thus increases productivity.

Improved quality

Our robots perform tasks with precision and high repeatability, minimizing the chance of human errors and variations. This guarantees consistently high-quality results and enables a uniform standard. 

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