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Agile Robots becomes an SE

Munich, 26.03.2024 – The international high-tech company Agile Robots is adopting a new legal form by transforming from a German AG to an European SE (Societas Europaea). The company, which is headquartered in Munich, will operate under the name Agile Robots SE.   

As the robotics market in Europe is expected to see significant growth, the conversion into an SE will aid seizing the opportunities for growing the business in Europe and internationally. The conversion is effective as of Friday, the 22nd March 2024.  

"This is an important step towards further building our business. The SE business form will simplify operations across borders and will make the distribution of our automation solutions even more efficiently to the benefit of our customers in the Automotive, Consumer Electronics, and Research & Education sectors on the European market”, explains Rory Sexton, Vice President Operations at Agile Robots.  

Following its successful expansion course, the Agile Robots Group has grown to over 1,700 employees worldwide, of which 600 are in Germany.