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Agile Robots AG receives TÜV-SÜD certificate

Munich, 26.06.2023 - We are proud to announce that Agile Robots AG has received a certificate for its “Safety Core for Robot Applications” (No. Z10 116233 0003) from TÜV SÜD! The assessment attests the development of a software library according to IEC 61508 including cutting-edge safety functions such as power and force limiting / safe collision detection for industrial and collaborative applications.

The standard titled “Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems” is widely recognized as the foundation for the safety of various industries. It provides guidelines and requirements for the development and implementation of functional safety in complex systems that incorporate electrical, electronic, and programmable electronic components, such as industrial and collaborative robots.

“This marks an important milestone on our way to certifying our entire product portfolio” explains Andreas Spenninger, Head of Industrialization & Safety Manager. “To make this possible, we also hired new experts from all around the industry, set up a new team with our experienced professionals, and worked tirelessly on this achievement. Now that we have the quality and safety-related processes under control and have the resources in-house, we are confident that we can build a variety of safe and industrial-grade products.”

Trends such as demographic change, digitalization, and reshoring increase the demand for flexible, distributed, and smart automation. Agile Robots' human-centered design philosophy drives the development of high-performance, accessible, and AI-enabled robot power tools. “Our safety core empowers safe human-robot collaboration in both industrial and collaborative settings. By making safety settings intuitive and easily accessible, we significantly reduce setup and reconfiguration costs” continues Andreas Spenninger.

In early 2022, Agile Robots started collaborating with voraus robotik GmbH and acquired the award-winning Yu robot, in particular its hardware and hardware-specific software rights. Our collaboration with the voraus team has allowed us to obtain this important safety milestone.