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8-figure funding

Thanks to technological advances, robotics is playing an increasingly important role in a variety of industries, including medicine, healthcare and services. In the future, intelligent robots will redesign conventional manufacturing for the automotive and electronics industries, optimize manufacturing processes and make them smarter and more flexible.

“Adrian and C-Ventures’ vision in robotics and automation makes them an ideal partner for Agile Robots,” said Dr. Zhaopeng Chen, founder and CEO of Agile Robots. “We are very excited to be working with investors who think in a future-oriented manner, have a deep understanding of our business and support us in making robotics more accessible to the general public.”

"We are confident in Agile Robots’ long-term business prospects and look forward to working with the company to support their future development", said Adrian Cheng, founder of C-Ventures. "We believe robots will make a huge difference in our society, especially in labor-intensive industries. Innovative and cost-effective robotic solutions will also help synergize our core business in manufacturing, logistics and healthcare. We envision a new era in which humans and robots will work hand-in-hand to create shared value for our businesses and society."

Agile Robots’ products are characterized by the combination of modern sensor and robot technology with artificial intelligence, thus closing the gap between these key technologies. This enables the company to make leaps in innovation in the manufacture of highly sensitive robots. The capabilities of the robots are based on machine and transfer learning, computer vision and the use of the latest torque sensors. As a result, the robots are able to capture their environment independently and work safely and precisely even in unknown environments. The goal is to provide highly sensitive robot systems that can be used reliably in a wide variety of complex and safety-critical application scenarios using a deterministic robot operating system.