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Ready for shipment: Agile Robots ramps up production of Franka robots in Kaufbeuren

Munich, 07.03.2024 – The international high-tech company Agile Robots has started the production of robots from Franka Robotics (formerly Franka Emika) at its production site in Kaufbeuren, Germany. Agile Robots acquired the robotics company in November 2023 and integrated it into the Agile Robots Group. Thanks to its local production capabilities, the robot systems are now being shipped to customers again.  

The robots from Franka Robotics, which were previously manufactured in the Allgäu region, will continue to be produced in their Bavarian home. This also applies to the Yu 5 Industrial. Both robotic arms were designed and developed in Germany.  

Their mechanics are also a product of German engineering: the torque sensors, which are integrated in all axes and provide the robots with their sensitivity, were invented at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Oberpfaffenhofen. Since then, the robot systems have been continuously developed and improved in the Munich-based R&D departments of Agile Robots and Franka Robotics.  

Dr. Zhaopeng Chen, CEO and founder of Agile Robots: "I am very pleased that we can now meet the high demand for Franka robots from Kaufbeuren. Our teams have done a really great job here - especially considering that Franka Robotics has only been part of the Agile Robots Group since November 2023. With the start of production, we have now reached the next milestone in our joint company history." 

The lightweight robots from Franka Robotics, which are known for their human-like sense of touch, have long been setting new standards in science and research: elite international universities, including MIT, Stanford and ETH Zurich, research institutes such as the Max Planck Institute and multinational technology corporations such as NVIDIA rely on the distinctive tactile capabilities of Franka robots. 

"It's great to see that our robots are now available again" explains Sven Parusel, Senior Vice President of Academia & Research at Franka Robotics. "Our systems have long been an integral part of AI and robotics research. This is particularly noticeable at international robotics conferences: Here, our robots are omnipresent".  


About Franka Robotics GmbH 

Founded in 2016, Franka is a robotics platform company based in Munich with manufacturing facilities in Bavaria. The Franka robot platform is extensively used in research and beyond, due to its unique control interface, human-like sense of touch technology, and large community of robotics and AI researchers and disruptors.