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Made in Bavaria – The ideal hub for robotics

The Free State of Bavaria has developed into a hub for innovation. Leading research institutes, robotics companies and tech firms call Bavaria their home. Agile Robots is also located in Munich and the Allgäu region. But what makes the location so attractive?

As a spin-off of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Oberpfaffenhofen, Agile Robots relies on German engineering. That's why Bavaria has since remained the home of choice: Agile Robots has its headquarters in Munich and manufactures the robot Yu 5 Industrial in Kaufbeuren."


Hightech Agenda

Hardly any other federal state invests as much in research as Bavaria. Ever since the initiation of the Hightech Agenda, the Free State has made a notable impact with a 5.5 billion euro technology initiative.

This is expected to result in 1,000 new professorships, 13,000 new university places and more than 20 top research centers.

In addition to the renowned DLR, Bavaria is also home to the Technical University of Munich (TUM for short), which is not only the best technical university in Germany and the EU but is also ranked 30th in the world¹.

Agile Robots also capitalizes on this geographical advantage. Leading experts looking for new challenges find a new professional home with the robotics and automation specialist. Thanks to this strong, local talent pool, the company is able to constantly drive forward new innovations and technologies.

Thanks to its great infrastructure and innovative spirit, Bavaria is the ideal location for high-tech companies. That's why Kaufbeuren is a great fit for Agile Robots.
Stefan Bosse, Mayor of Kaufbeuren

Thriving economy

The Bavarian economy is one of the strongest in Europe². In addition to the leading DAX companies and the strong automotive industry, this is also due to the efficient small and medium-sized businesses: Over 600,000 companies from industry, trade, crafts, tourism and the service sector make Bavaria the number one state for SMEs.

As Agile Robots offers affordable, scalable robot solutions, the local SME landscape is ideally suited to high-tech companies. The easy-to-integrate and space-saving lightweight robots are proving themselves in medium-sized companies as well as in large international corporations - from craftsmen to industrial manufacturing.

This geographical proximity is a significant advantage. A large potential customer base, proximity to the market, various opportunities for cooperation and a flourishing exchange of innovations make the Bavarian location particularly attractive.


Excellent infrastructure

Over 41,000 kilometers of road network, 3 international airports and 24 ports in Bavaria offer excellent conditions for a national and international distribution network.

Both Munich and Kaufbeuren are excellently connected. This facilitates seamless transportation of goods, resulting in improved delivery times and reduced transport expenses. Europe can be readily supplied from Kaufbeuren by land, with air freight providing viable solutions for even longer distances.

The short communication channels are another advantage of the location. These enable a lively exchange between the production facility in Kaufbeuren and the R&D department in Munich. Engineers can communicate directly with production employees to solve challenges, optimize processes or make technical adjustments. Thanks to the fast innovation cycles, new ideas and innovations can be quickly integrated into production in this way.

English garden in Munich

Living in a tourist destination

In addition to the hard facts that make Bavaria an attractive location, the everyday amenities are also convincing. The beautiful natural surroundings, the high quality of life and the cultural diversity contribute to the fact that people from over 58 nations feel at home at Agile Robots.

The CEO of Agile Robots, Dr. Zhaopeng Chen, also calls the Free State his home. He and his family have lived in the Munich area for over 15 years.


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¹ Technical University of Munich, TUM is best university in Germany and EU

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