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Agile Robots holds the first educational workshop

On the 10th and 11th of October, Agile Robots welcomed 80 students of the 3rd grade and 10 teachers from Munich International School into its headquarters for the first educational workshop. The artificial intelligence and robotics start-up located in Munich aims to spark the interest of the younger generation in robotics, and to offer an immersive experience for them to envision infinite possibilities of the future with robots. To demonstrate the capabilities of the intelligent robots, the team of Agile Robots set up a series of seven stations, including applications with Diana 7, an AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot), and the Educational Web App. By simply clicking on the tablet, the children learned how to code and control the movement of the robots.

A growing demand for robotics courses

There is a growing demand for schools and universities to offer relevant courses to educate students and staff on how to program and interact with robots. Agile Robots’ goal is to provide such opportunities with the development of the Educational Web App: an interactive platform for users of any age to be introduced to coding concepts and easily learn how to program a robotic arm, in a 3D simulation or hardware mode.

“When we founded the company back in 2018, we had a vision of developing advanced technology to bring robots closer to humans. Robots are already part of our lives, and they will be even more in the future. We are proud to work with talented engineers that are paving the way and developing the next generation of intelligent robots. And you can also be a part of this generation,” said Dr. Zhaopeng Chen, the founder, and CEO of Agile Robots, as a greeting to all the kids.

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