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Agile Robots and voraus robotik start new cooperation

Munich/Hanover, August 10th 2022 – The international high-tech company Agile Robots from Munich and the Hanover-based deep-tech start-up voraus robotik (formerly Yuanda Robotics) enter into a cooperation in the cobot area. Besides others, major goals of the cooperation include the continuous growth of both companies as well as expanding the range of innovative cobot solutions in the hardware and software sectors.

Agile Robots acquired voraus robotik’s hardware, including all safety-relevant components and hardware-specific software rights of the “Yu” cobot. Agile Robots continues to expedite the product development and ensures supply chain readiness to establish a cost-efficient industrial production in Germany.

voraus robotik deepens its software focus and licenses its built-in robot control software and the user interface for the “Yu”. For “Yu”, Agile Robots and voraus robotik will continue to collaborate to develop the robot control system to meet the high requirements in the market and provide the necessary customer support. Thus, both companies set the basis for a long-term and sustainable partnership.

“Yu” is designed as a universally applicable cobot with a maximum payload of seven kilograms. The first safety certified “Yu” cobots are expected to roll off the production line at Agile Robots’ plant in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, at the beginning of 2023 – first for the European market, then worldwide.


“We are very pleased to be working together on an equal footing with voraus robotik. With this purchase and with the collaboration we expect synergy effects that will allow us to act and react even more dynamically in the current challenging environment. This will enable us to further drive our successful global growth path.” says Dr. Zhaopeng Chen, CEO and founder of Agile Robots.


“In Agile Robots, we have found a strong partner for “Yu”. With our shift in focus to hardware-agnostic software, our solutions will be of even greater benefit to manufacturers and end users. The partnership allows us to further smarten our technology core and make our application layer more flexible for customer-centric solutions.” says Dr. Jens Kotlarski, CEO and founder of voraus robotik and Yuanda Robotics.


About Agile Robots AG:

Agile Robots is an international high-tech company based in Munich, Germany, with more than 600 employees worldwide. Our mission is to bridge the gap between artificial intelligence and robotics by developing systems that combine state-of-the-art force moment sensing and world-leading image processing technology. This unique combination of technologies allows us to provide user-friendly and affordable robotic solutions that enables intelligent precision assembly.
For further information: www.agile-robots.com

About voraus robotik GmbH:

voraus robotik is our answer to half a decade of award-winning cobot development. Previously as Yuanda Robotics, our team has lead the evolution from prototype to safety-certified product. With voraus robotik we combine all our expert knowledge in robotic-relevant technologies to provide a modern, hardware-agnostic operating system for robots to utilize their full potential and accelerate their time to market – all in one adaptable software stack.
For further information: www.vorausrobotik.com

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