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Agile Robots AG presents applications at automatica 2023

Munich, 13.06.2023 - The international high-tech company Agile Robots is pleased to present its innovative automation solutions at automatica in Munich (Hall B4, Booth 510). In addition to a range of interactive applications, the focus will be on the Yu 5 Industrial. The state-of-the-art lightweight robot, which has six axes, 5 kg payload and an integrated camera with a processing system for visual data, will be on public display for the first time between the 27th and 30th of June in Munich. 

Focus on people   

Agile Robots’ automation solutions are aimed at optimizing production processes, while sustainably improving the working conditions of the workforce. These goals are also visible on the booth, which invites visitors to interactively familiarize themselves with different industrial applications. Whether it’s machine tending, assembly, packaging, laser engraving, quality inspection or a futuristic robotic hand: everyone interested in innovative automation solutions and modern technologies has the opportunity to gain interesting insights at the Agile Robots booth. 

Experience process automation live   

Automated manufacturing processes often seem bulky, highly complex and inaccessible - but that doesn’t need to be the case. That's why Agile Robots is presenting the Micro Factory on its booth. This miniature production line demonstrates how four robots work together to complete an industrial task. Visitors not only get the chance to learn about the processes, but can also familiarize themselves with the Diana 7 robot. In addition, they can take home the finished product, which is assembled, personalized and packaged right before their eyes. 

Similar to the Micro Factory, visitors also receive the end product of the laser engraving application. Here they learn how easily a lightweight robot from Agile Robots can be integrated into a pre-existing manufacturing process. To illustrate the practice, the Yu 5 Industrial equips a marking laser from KonTec with a USB stick, which is then engraved. Thanks to an intuitive interface, the visitor can initiate the personalization procedure himself. 

In addition to manufacturing, the quality inspection of industrial products also plays an important role on the Agile Robots booth. Due to its high repeatability and precision, the Yu 5 Industrial can automate KEYENCE's 3D production measurement system effortlessly. The simple programming and precise user-independent repeat measurements thus guarantee increased quality. Production workers and quality assurance staff benefit from this, since they now have more capacity for other tasks.  

Hands-on automation solutions   

In the future, the robots from Agile Robots will also play a bigger role in schools. At automatica, the educational concept Aini can already be seen in action. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, visitors can try programming a simple pick & place task in only a few minutes on-site. 

The portfolio will also be supplemented by another dexterous product: the Robotic Hand. Thanks to its 15/16 degrees of freedom and state-of-the-art sensors, it is particularly flexible and can imitate human hand movements. Following the spirit of the rest of the booth, visitors will be able to experience the sensitivity of the robotic hand for themselves. 

"The applications you will see at automatica 2023 are just the beginning. We look forward to continuously expanding our product portfolio and responding to the automation needs of our customers and partners. The market entry of the Yu 5 Industrial already marks an important milestone here" explains Dr. Zhaopeng Chen, CEO & Founder of Agile Robots.