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Connecting Robots and Artificial Intelligence

We are committed to combining robotics and artificial intelligence in order to create maximum value for our customers and to contribute to cutting edge technological advancements.
Easy to use

We’re introducing brand-new possibilities for robotic applications

Building the warehouse of the future using vision and artificial intelligence.


• Software based recognition of different surfaces, materials and shapes
• Automatic code splitting of mixed stock units through machine vision and pick and place planning

Multi-modal sensing and an intuitive interface introduce the next level of robotic applications in manufacturing.


  • Precise positioning based on Cartesian impedance control
  • Intelligent grasping and assembly using machine vision and deep learning algorithms
  • Quick programming with our intuitive drag and teach features

Customizing Robotic solutions for medical scenarios.


Combined with corresponding end-effectors, our sensitive robot can be safely used for surgical procedures on both soft tissue and bones etc.

  • Accurate end-effector control for minimally invasive sugeries
  • Dynamic motion planning in order to avoid collisions
  • Accurate force perception to enhance immediate feedback for the operating surgeon

Introducing the next generation of service robots.

Our five-finger torque controlled robot, can be used to precisely interact with its environment.


  • Our Agile Core controller can be connected to a variety of robotic systems instantly turning them into autonomous or teleoperated service robots.

Revolutionizing food processing using AI.

Possible applications include food sorting and meat segmentation and offer solutions for labor intensive food processing and food safety issues.


  • Using precise force control technology to achieve independent and accurate segmentation of meat under a complex contact force environment.
  • Fast sorting of food with intelligent image processing technology and deep learning algorithms.

Giving educational institutions access to cutting edge torque-controlled intelligent robotic systems

Combining our collaborative robots with traditional teaching platforms can be used to teach programming a wide variety of AI algorithms


  • Our multi-modal robotic systems can be used as verification tools for various AI algorithms
  • Our advanced teaching platform covers a broad range of collaborative robot application scenarios