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Connectingartificial intelligenceand the real world

Meet Agile Robots

Agile Robots AG is a high-tech startup based in Munich and a spin-off of the  German Aerospace Center (DLR) looking to push the boundaries in robotics.

Agile Robots has been founded by Peter Meusel and Dr. Zhaopeng Chen. They both have been working at the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics at the German Aerospace Center as lead engineers for many years, before they decided to develop the next generation of intelligent robots using methods like robot vision, motion planning, adaptive grasping, human-robot collaboration and machine learning.

About Agile Robots

Intelligent robots perform their work in highly connected and changeable environments. Therefore, at Agile Robots, we believe that robotic manipulators should be designed as a component of a tightly integrated yet modular and reconfigurable, user oriented system consisting of perception, intelligence, and actuation. By doing this, we efficiently deliver value and functionality for the whole robotic system.

We deliver scalable robot systems and solutions whose concepts are holistically optimized for the flexible integration of perception, intelligence, and actuation elements. We are creating a user-friendly core control platform that integrates all elements of adaptive robotic applications from diverse vendors. In addition, as an enabler for the most demanding and uncertain applications, we are creating an affordable, high performance lightweight robotic arm with ultra-sensitive joint torque sensors to detect and respond to every interaction with human users and the environment.